About: Plutonic Zoo

   In operation since 2001

Plutonic Zoo was formed in 2001 as a vendor-neutral professional services organisation. Our services and information eGuides align:

technology applications

business strategy and operations

stakeholder interests

in organisations. We believe that alignment between these key organisational aspects will minimise waste and maximise organisational performance.

   Intensely independent in all aspects

We recognise that every client's circumstances and goals are unique.

We want to truly listen and apply our expertise and perspective to serve. We therefore have rigorously maintained independence from anything that could distract including vendors, alliance partners, products, or predefined professionals.

As a result we can deliver services that discover, focus, connect, and accomplish what our clients need.

   A Zoo of professionals and niche experts

We have trusted relationships with a diverse group of independent professional business experts in strategy, commerce, management, technology, and interpersonal communication. Over 350 individuals and a range of niche services providers form our Zoo of associates.

We select team members for our engagements from our Zoo not only on skill, experience and ability, but also to match our client's organisational culture and specific needs for personality, approach, and other sensibilities.

The Zoo as a whole is a rich source of mentoring, coaching, feedback, and creativity.

   Resulting key benefits for our clients

We have no pre-existing agenda, solutions or individuals we need to push and can truly listen to our client's needs, then apply our capabilities to address them;

We are positioned to help our clients find strategic clarity, business value, and cost savings; either for existing operations or for new investments by exploring many innovative alternatives, including leveraging existing investments advantageously;

We can be responsive and complement our client's internal capabilities with exactly the expertise they are lacking;

We provide a perspective on a client situation that covers technology, business, and people and their alignment;

Our leadership team actively provides coaching and mentoring of our subject matter experts;

Our deliverables are internally cross-examined to ensure a high professional standard;

We treat all information received from our prospects and clients as commercial-in-confidence;

We recognise the uniqueness of each client situation and therefore assign all intellectual property of engagement deliverables to the client.