Plutonic Zoo Approach

   A practical engagement model

Plutonic Zoo's generic engagement model above applies whether we deal with individuals, teams, or entire organisations. It is based on working towards effective outcomes on all relevant levels, based on clarity across the hierarchy depicted.

   Focused on the outcomes

Our approach focuses on achieving the best outcomes for our client, aligning business outcomes with people outcomes and technology outcomes. Our processes minimise waste, which keep our deliverables quick and cost effective.

   Plutonic Zoo engages flexibly

We take the role that will help you most: we mentor or coach or facilitate or consult or mediate or conciliate. If you are not sure how exactly your issue should be addressed and what you want us to do, we explore and define it together with you. We run our engagement in partnership with you to ensure its effectiveness. The best outcome for you defines our preferred engagement approach for a particular project.

   We empathise with stakeholders' needs

Plutonic Zoo's approach has unique characteristics for our key stakeholders: our clients, our professionals and our shareholders.

Our clients enjoy best of breed expertise every time. We operate our Zoo: a wide ranging network of professional associates representing a broad set of skills and experience. For each engagement the professionals that best match the client need will be selected out of the Zoo, and coached by our directors.

Our professionals commit to an engagement on a selective basis, based on their own expertise and passion. Passion is important as we have found that people who love what they do and do what they love are most creative and effective when dealing with challenges.

Our shareholders invest in a company that keeps fixed overheads as low as possible. This gives us great opportunity to continuously move with the market's needs to ensure a true services approach for every engagement.