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This page provides access to details of Plutonic Zoo client projects. The bold project topics mentioned below have been hyperlinked.

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   Discover if and how technology
     can deliver on your business strategy

Setup of a Project Coordination Framework for an aged care organisation that assists them to collaborate and coordinate a large variety of projects across 15 departments. The framework we designed is based on our analysis of their ongoing project portfolio.

Evaluation of a roadmap to replace warehousing, merchandising, transport and Point of Sale systems with SAP, to identify short falls and points to consider when changing the existing architecture;

Review an information systems portfolio in the context of business vision and program strategies, to design a target IT framework and roadmap that facilitates the transfer of information through the supply chain;

Independent review of Enterprise Management systems resulting in recommendation to re-implement;

Independent review of Purchasing/Inventory Management System resulting in recommendation to replace;

Independent review of Knowledge Management systems and strategy resulting in recommendations for more effective and efficient use of current assets instead of continuing preparations to acquire new assets;

Technical due diligence on the systems architecture and technical assets of an Australian funds manager as part of a M&A process;

Situational Risk Analysis of a major business process involving several business systems, resulting in recommendations to develop in-house skills rather than outsource the process;

Independent development of IT strategy and Governance;

Independent review of Data Warehouse (DWH), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Business Intelligence (BI) needs;

Independent review of business systems' performance issues resulting in upgrade recommendations;

Independent review of business systems assets and architecture, followed by recommendations on IT strategy and IT governance;

Independent project review of a large online insurance system and its projected upgrade resulting in a report on its technical viability with recommendations on required project changes;

Independent review and business process reeingineering (BPR) of a workflow management system.

   Focus your application projects
     on your business drivers

Financial Management vendor selection , including business specifications, managing the vendor selection process, participating in product evaluation and selection, and participating in the steering committee in overseeing implementation of Financial Management system;

Independent requirement analysis and scoping for implementation of new Financial Management systems;

Implementation of an SaaS project management tool and disciplines, as part of a pilot effort for project process management standardisation;

Independent requirement analysis and scoping of Content Management system project, writing the tender, researching the market for a suitable shortlist of vendors, manage the tender process to a unanimous decision;

Independent requirement analysis and scoping of an Operational Risk management framework implementation;

Independent business requirements analysis for a customer relationship management implementation;

Independent scoping of an Architecture for web-enablement of a core business application;

Independent analysis of current business processes, Process Mapping, and improvement design;

Tender management and vendor selection for an asset management system;

Wholesale Service Provisioning for internet service provision (ISP);

Scoping and design of an business exchange eMarketPlace in the construction industry.

   Connect your project stakeholders
     to unify their contributions

IT conflict management review of Payroll systems resulting in upgrade recommendations;

As an impartial facilitator, Plutonic Zoo helped a vendor and client to resolve issues with a financial management system. Plutonic Zoo then conducted a project recovery rewrote the tender, researched the market for a suitable shortlist of vendors, managed the tender process to a unanimous decision, and oversaw the successful implementation;

Participation in a steering committee supervising the introduction of a organisation-wide financial system integration;

Independent advice and facilitation on vendor management and contract negotiations for replacement of business systems;

Negotiate a practical contract on behalf of the client for the implementation of a financial management system.

   Accomplish your business benefits
     with your project outcomes

Review internal readiness for change management activities and coach staff on professionally conducting change management activities;

Client project management for implementation of a financial management system;

Design a professional change management plan, and coach internal staff to conduct change management activities to successfully implement a major business system;

Mentoring senior management committee for an organisational restructure on change management and stakeholder buy-in;

Design and development of Ticketing Robot in the transport industry;

Design and development of Service-Oriented Architecture blueprint for a community services organisation;

Design and development of Web-based Financial Reporting capability in the manufacturing industry;

Design and development of an Application Portal in the manufacturing industry;

Design and development of an Inventory Planning Tool in the manufacturing industry;

Independent advice on Content Management systems in relation to business needs and overseeing implementation;

Overseeing project management of the implementation of a major IT Security system from bid development through rapid implementation phases;

Managing implementation of VOIP/PABX systems.