How to negotiate

   eGuide encapsulates 25 years experience

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Plutonic Zoo has over 25 years' international experience with tenders, as buyer and seller, and as impartial 3rd party advising tender issuers and respondents. This has allowed us to develop a balanced perspective where the tender process can be successful for both buyer and seller.

We have encapsulated insights and practical tips on How to negotiate in a comprehensive though succinct eGuide available from this page.

   How to negotiate effectively towards
     a practical agreement and
     a sustainable business relationship
     ....saving time, money, and stress

        Cost: $49         

   Looking to close a deal?

   Wish the price could be aligned with value?

   Feeling stuck with a business partner?

   Is your conflict costing you $$$?

   Need to bring difficult people into line?

   Want to negotiate with confidence?

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A comprehensive eGuide with insights and practical tips is available for $49. For buyers from Australia 10% tax will be added. On receipt of payment the eGuide will be sent to an email address you provide.

   Questions that are answered in this eGuide

   When and how do I negotiate effectively?

   How do I find out what I really need out of my negotiation?

   What does the other party really need out of this negotiation?

   How do I prepare for my next negotiation?

   How do I stay in control during the negotiation?

   How do I apply the most effective negotiation style?

This eGuide is written in the form of a work book. Apart from insights and practical tips it offers you targeted questions to help you clarify your own situation. It has been written with corporate business negotiations in mind where an ongoing relationship between the parties is valued, but insights and tips are applicable in a broader context.

   Table of contents of full eGuide

Prologue ------------------------------------

Why negotiate? -----------------------------

Getting to know yourself ---------------------

Getting to know the other party --------------

Preparing for an upcoming negotiation --------

Recognising phases of a negotiation ----------

Negotiation styles: results versus ego --------


   Feedback from users of the eGuide

Very interesting workbook. It made me much more aware of what happens when I negotiate and how to get the results I want. Thank you!
     Business manager

Wow, this workbook got me thinking! Thanks for unravelling what has always been a blur for me.
    Department head

I never liked negotiating but thanks to your insights I can now see the fun of it!
     Creative director

I really liked the practicality of your work book. I could apply the insights straight away.
     Business owner

I have read a lot about negotiations and done courses, but I want to keep a copy of your concise insights and reflections with me.
    Director Marketing and Sales

   How to negotiate effectively towards
     a practical agreement and
     a sustainable business relationship
     ....saving time, money, and stress

        Cost: $49         

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