How to respond
to a tender

eGuide encapsulates 25 years experience

This page addresses responding to a tender. If you need help issuing a tender or selecting a vendor click here. If you are looking for our tender response services to help you, please click here.

Plutonic Zoo has over 25 years' international experience with tenders, as buyer and seller, and as impartial 3rd party advising tender issuers and respondents. This has allowed us to develop a balanced perspective where the tender process can be successful for both buyer and seller.

We have encapsulated insights and practical tips on How To Write A Professional Tender Response in a comprehensive though succinct eGuide available from this page.

   How to write professional tender responses
     ...saving time, money, and winning a client

        Cost: $49         

   Need to write a tender response urgently?

   Want to respond to a tender but don't have time to write?

   Overwhelmed by a tender you want to respond to?

   Received a tender but don't know where to start?

   Wish you had impartial professional advice for your tender response?

Professional help with your upcoming tender response is available right here, whether it is an EOI, RFI, RFT, RFQ or RFP!

A comprehensive eGuide with insights and practical tips is available for $49. For buyers from Australia 10% tax will be added. On receipt of payment the eGuide will be sent to an email address you provide.

   A comprehensive eGuide
     with insights and practical tips

   Questions that are answered in this eGuide include:

   How do you qualify whether this tender is worth responding to?

   How do you prepare for a response or do you just start writing?

   How do you write professional content?

   How do you follow up with the client after submitting your response?

   How do you negotiate a good contract with the client?

The eGuide is written in the form of a work book. Apart from insights and practical tips it offers you targeted questions to help you clarify your own situation. See Table of contents of full work book below.

   Table of contents of the eGuide

Prologue --------------------------------------------------

4 Checks to qualify a tender opportunity -------------------

4 Steps to prepare your tender response -------------------

5 Tips to write your response professionally ----------------

8 Ways to follow-up with the prospect ---------------------

Negotiating a contract with the prospect (preview) --------

Epilogue -------------------------------------------------

   Feedback from users of the eGuide

The Plutonic Zoo workbook was spot on. I have not answered many tenders before and was a bit shocked when I saw the volume of the tender. Plutonic Zoo's workbook gave me a structure to work in and provide logical steps to an end result I'm proud of.

  Business owner

Your workbook saved me heaps of time. It succinctly spelled out how to go about writing a response. We wouldn't have finished in time without your help.

  Sales Director

I loved every page of the workbook. And more importantly, we were selected as the winner!

  Business Development Manager

I am very grateful for the level of professionalism I could reach in my tender response thanks to your well-targeted comments.

  Manager Sales

Thanks for your tender workbook. I have done many responses before, but your tips and insights helped me to create a much more professional result in less time!

   Department manager

   How to write professional tender responses
     ...saving time, money, and winning a client

        Cost: $49         

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