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Always looking for unique species

Plutonic Zoo is constantly looking for professionals with unique background and abilities for challenging engagements with clients.

The Plutonic Zoo approach to employment is flexible. Your circumstances, needs and desires are as unique as you are and Plutonic Zoo will create a win-win relationship with you where you can pursue your career in the direction you want and that makes the most of your unique talents, skills, and experience.

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You become part of our team

Plutonic Zoo is a vendor-neutral professional services organisation. By accepting and being accepted for a position you will become part of the Plutonic Zoo team for the duration of your engagement.

When engaged on a Plutonic Zoo engagement your role is part of a larger commitment to the client.

Plutonic Zoo will provide support to you through quality assurance and coaching of your work throughout the engagement. In particular, where any task requires expertise, knowledge or experience outside of your capability, or if you are otherwise out of your comfort zone, Plutonic Zoo will supplement this by providing mentoring and assistance to you.

Our team effort is intended to ensure the client will receive a seamless service regardless. The requirement for you is that you are a team player and can recognise and raise risks or issues early to facilitate timely mitigation and resolution.