Micro Consulting

Micro Consulting

Plutonic Zoo offers Micro Consulting Professional Services that can be paid for online to facilitate clients with small consulting needs that don't warrant formal paperwork.

These services are opportunities to tap into our expertise with a question, issue, or challenge that you want us to address over the phone, by an exchange of emails, or in a face to face meeting. Examples include professional review of documents, or preparation for that important meeting.

We discuss with you upfront what you need and in which timeframe you need the result. Once we are in synch you buy the agreed amount of Consulting Units through this page, which commits us to deliver.

One Consulting Unit can be purchased for as little as $100 (excluding 10% GST if you are in Australia). Our Micro Consulting Professional Services will be delivered under our standard MCPS terms and conditions.

If this seems suitable for your situation just contact us to discuss your needs.