About: Our Name

What does the name "Plutonic Zoo" mean?

The name "Plutonic Zoo" describes the way we approach realising client results.


Pluto, like plutonium, is about intensity, irresistible change, and radical transformation. Other plutonic qualities include rebirth, regeneration, rejuvenation and metamorphosis, discarding wastage, inhibitions and patterned ways of thinking in order to equip you to deal with an unfolding future. Plutonic also relates to hidden talents and gifts, shared resources and insight to recognise the possible and the know-how to realise it and unusual strength and ability to rebound and triumph against all odds.

This is exactly how we see the business environment and our approach to helping our clients deal with it.


A zoo is a collection of the best examples of diverse species. Plutonic Zoo is an organisation that values the strength that comes from diversity and brings together the best examples of business and technology skills and talents in our professional associates. Plutonic Zoo selects those from the diversity in the Zoo with the most appropriate and specific skills, ability, personality, approach, and other sensibilities to fit exactly the client need and organisational culture.

The "Zoo" includes over 350 individual professionals, as well as a range of specialist service providers, who contribute skills, talents, resources and gifts to ensure we can deliver the most effective solution with exactly the right specialists for the perfect outcome, at the best cost.