Our Zoo of over 350 associate members

Plutonic Zoo delivers its engagements with our Zoo of niche industry players and over 350 additional independent experts. Zoo members are associates, not employees; therefore we are free to build dedicated teams for each individual engagement to match our clients business needs and organisational culture, and are under no pressure to use particular people or expertise.

Our teams work with our clients as a one-off, casually, part-time and full time. We manage these expert teams to ensure we deliver outcomes that help our clients best. When appropriate our directors work hands-on with our clients leveraging their extensive personal professional experience.

The right people can make the difference between success and failure.

Please contact us if you have a specific request, to discuss how and with which professional specialists we can meet it.

Business Advisers
Business Analysts
Risk Managers
IS Strategists
Commercial Negotiators
Systems Managers
Project Managers
Program Managers
Interim Managers
Engagement Managers
Change Managers
Process Managers
Enterprise Architects
Solution Architects
Technical Architects
Interactive Architects
Analyst Programmers
Platform Specialists
Product Specialists
Network Designers
Web Designers
Multimedia experts
Technical Writers
Conflict Coaches
Technical Writers
Business Mentors
Systems Administrators