Responding to tenders

Professional services to support you in responding to a tender

This page addresses our vendor-neutral tender response professional services. Plutonic Zoo also provides two related self-help eGuides:

How to write a professional tender response

How to professionally issue a tender and manage the vendor selection process

Services include all tender types and response activites

Plutonic Zoo provides impartial tender response services, applicable to an EOI, RFI, RFT, RFQ or RFP. We work with you on any of the following services:

Coaching and mentoring your tender qualification efforts:

Eliciting mandatory requirements of tender issuer:

For your deliverables when you win

For the tender process

Positioning options for your offering in relation to tender requirements

Hands-on participation in developing your tender response:

Designing a complying Table of Contents and response template

Reviewing response content from your subject matter experts in the context of tender requirements

Coaching and mentoring your interactions with the tender issuer:

Questions and answers during the tender response period

Follow-up meetings and/or demonstrations

Contract negotiations

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To discuss your specific needs in relation to your tender response and how we can best help you, please contact us.

Alternatively, start by obtaining your own self-help eGuide: How to write a professional tender response.