Managing Vendor Relationships

Professional services to support you in managing a vendor relationship

This page addresses our vendor-neutral professional services to help you issue and manage a tender and your relayionship with vendors. Plutonic Zoo also provides two related self-help eGuides:

How to professionally issue a tender and manage the vendor selection process

How to write a professional tender response

Services include all tender types and vendor management activites

Plutonic Zoo provides impartial tender and vendor management professional services. We work with you on any of the following services. You decide whether we lead your team or work with you under your guidance:

Writing your vendor-neutral requirement specifications

Writing your tender document (EOI, RFI, RFP, RFQ, RFT)

Selecting a matching vendor short-list as tender recipients

Managing the tender process

Evaluating the vendors' tender responses to a team consensus on ranking

Negotiating a suitable contract with preferred vendor(s)

Liaison between you and the vendor during operational projects

Mediating or conciliating any vendor issues

Project steering to prevent escalation of any issues

Conflict coaching for any stakeholder

Things to look for in tender and vendor management

A tender can be an effective way to compare various vendor offerings against your requirements, in order to select the one that best meets your overall needs. However, this can be a daunting process. It can be very difficult to see through the vendor speak when too many offerings look attractive. Impartial Plutonic Zoo experts take the emotion out of the vendor interactions, and elicit key characteristics that qualify or disqualify a vendor for your specific and unique circumstances.

Vendor management can be broader than just a tender process. In any phase of the lifetime of a relationship with a vendor you may feel dissatisfied with the outcome, or the effort and resources expended to get to a good outcome. Again Plutonic Zoo experts take the emotion out of the interaction and help both sides to optimise the results. We do this by optimising the vendor relationship, resolving outstanding differences, and preventing issues from escalating. We work with both parties' teams, or specific individuals, as consultants, coaches, mentors, negotiators, mediators, conciliators, or arbitrators.

Plutonic Zoo's services address your tender or vendor management questions by engaging either as a consultancy taking responsibility for deliverables, or by complementing your tender or vendor management team with experienced individuals.

Vendor Management client testimonial

"Plutonic Zoo played an integral role in the success of our vendor selection process. Their industry knowledge and ability to understand our business requirements was excellent. The consulting team provided extensive knowledge and experience that assisted ASX both in the development of a comprehensive expression of interest and in the evaluation of vendor responses. Plutonic Zoo's methodology, objectivity and professionalism allowed ASX to make the right decision quickly and unanimously."

    Manager Internet Projects, Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)

Vendor Management case study

Business Need: Our clients, a major aged care provider and a software vendor, needed an independent expert to facilitate resolution of a dispute on the implementation of a people management system. The dispute involved the functionality of the implemented facilities provided, management of the project and interpretation of contractual obligations.

While the implemented people management system was in production, the problems with the system caused the aged care provider severe operational delays. A number of critical requirements were unfulfilled causing ongoing rework on the system and many manual corrective actions.

The software vendor had already provided significantly more services than planned in an attempt to meet their client's needs and was unwilling to proceed without certainty of payment of the original contract.

The relationship had reached an impasse and discussions were not making progress. Both parties agreed that litigation would not be desirable, and decided to jointly engage Plutonic Zoo as an impartial facilitator.

Plutonic Zoo solution:Plutonic Zoo initially gained an understanding of the capabilities of the software and the system as implemented, and the aged care provider's business requirements.

This understanding was used to define the outstanding work to fulfil the original contract and additional work needed to resolve the latest users' business issues.

Once the scope of outstanding and additional work was defined and accepted by both parties, Plutonic Zoo worked with the software vendor to develop a timetable to completion, which was refined with the users to satisfy operational demands. The timetable was subsequently priced and a key agreement to share costs between the parties was concluded.

Plutonic Zoo continued to remain available during and after the corrective action as escalation channel for both parties should further facilitation be required.

Business Benefits:Plutonic Zoo applied its impartiality in technology and people, its resourcefulness across subject matter experts to complement the parties, and its perceptiveness to assess exactly what the facts were. Plutonic Zoo's Engagement Management model ensured that focus was kept on the outcome.

The aged care provider gained access to independent technical and project management expertise on the software implementation, and the software vendor gained access to independent expertise to review the aged care provider's business use of the software.

The engagement allowed communication to be managed between different perspectives in an objective and competent way that enabled a resolution to be achieved.

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