Clients: Testimonials

Australian Peak Industry Body

"Plutonic Zoo helped us with internal readiness for selection of a CRM system. Their support was invaluable. I was impressed with their logical and methodical approach to elicit requirements to put together an RFP.

Their ability to tune into a diverse set of stakeholders allowed everyone to be heard and resulted in a holistic representation of our needs.

During the tender evaluation and selection phase Plutonic Zoo professionally cut through vendor spin in both written responses and vendor meetings, while facilitating an effective relationship build between us and the winning vendor."

Project Manager, Australian Peak Industry Body


"LEADR engaged Plutonic Zoo to help us select and implement a new online system for member relationship management and website content management.

Plutonic Zoo demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, expertise and experience in assisting us to articulate our requirements, and to guide the vendor evaluation, selection and negotiation process.

The emphasis that Plutonic Zoo places on clarity of communication, transparency in business relationships, and anticipating potential problems has made them a valued business partner."



"Plutonic Zoo independently assessed our technology infrastructure and internal skills and organisation against our current and known future needs. They provided recommendations for improvement on a technology architecture, business process, staff roles, reporting structure, and change management level that they discussed with our management team and then our board. We have been working through the recommendations to great effect.

I was extremely happy with all aspects of the process, Plutonic Zoo insights, and the report.

I would happily recommend Plutonic Zoo services to others."

CEO, AI-Media


"ANGLICARE Sydney has been empowered through its engagement with the Plutonic Zoo team during the implementation of a new Financial Management System.

Plutonic Zoo's service and support on a project governance, project management, and change management level has been very satisfying. We have benefited from the competent, reliable, and disciplined service provided along the path to a successful project outcome, both technically and in relation to the people aspects of the project.

This has far reaching implications for the way Anglicare operates in serving its strategic objectives in mission and sustainability into the future.

Acting Finance Director, ANGLICARE Sydney


"We engaged Plutonic Zoo to give us negotiation coaching about longstanding differences between our members and regulators.

The workshop Plutonic Zoo facilitated raised our awareness and honed our skills. Plutonic Zoo was able to grasp our issues, summarise them succinctly, and thoroughly apply strategies and processes to help us and our negotiations forward.

The openness generated amongst team members was fantastic.

The workshop was intense while entertaining, giving us lots of ideas for our own organisation, and personal role and influence; it also helped our commitment, patience, and positive determination."

Provincial Secretary, Federated Famers New Zealand


"Mission Australia engaged Plutonic Zoo to review our IT architectural approach, security, service levels, and value delivery support for our business objectives. Plutonic Zoo showed a thorough understanding of our business requirements and their resulting recommendations were very practical guidance for improvements.

We were impressed with the skill sets of the consultants, Plutonic Zoo's strategic insight and knowledge, and their ability to help effectively without pushing any particular technology or solution."

CIO, Mission Australia


"Pepper Homeloans engaged Plutonic Zoo for an independent review of our IT assets and governance practices, resulting in a set of recommendations that we intend to implement with Plutonic Zoo's assistance.

Plutonic Zoo exceeded our expectations in identifying business critical issues in respect to our IT corporate governance structures which, when successfully implemented, will vastly improve the delivery of IT services to the business and better promote a more collaborative approach between the IT department and business end-users."

Plutonic Zoo's work provides a comprehensive insight into our issues, and is exceptionally useful and constructive.

CEO, Pepper Homeloans


"We engaged Plutonic Zoo to provide impartial Risk Management Services for the implementation of a best practice enterprise risk management framework across our organisation. I was very happy with the ability of Plutonic Zoo to provide the right expertise, the quality of the individuals involved and the flexibility from everyone in working to our requirements."

Manager Risk Management, Australian Regulator


"Plutonic Zoo worked with us to oversee selection and implementation of a critical business management system, and provided onsite technical business analyst services to operationalise the system and align our processes. It has been a pleasure to work with Plutonic Zoo. Their understanding of our needs both functionally and culturally, technical guidance and support have been instrumental in the success of the project. I look forward to continuing to do business with Plutonic Zoo."

Business Systems Manager, Horticulture Australia Limited


"Plutonic Zoo has been a long-standing partner of Wesley Mission. Plutonic Zoo provides Wesley Mission with ongoing senior IT management impartial advice and consulting as well as specialist services for specific projects. This quality of partnership comes from Plutonic Zoo's culture of doing whatever they can to make the world a better place by using their skills, experience, perspective and relationships."

"Plutonic Zoo's innovative approach to managed IT resourcing really helped us to fast track a key project. The onsite project manager was a good fit for us and was able to quickly get the project moving. Engaging key staff in the business units and IT was quick and effective. From this position the project progressed smoothly to a solid result that was well supported across the business.

We chose Plutonic Zoo because of their proven track record of quality, and alignment with our organisation vision and mission and the resulting inter-organisation trust and communication."

CIO, Wesley Mission


"Plutonic Zoo facilitated resolution of a post implementation conflict between an aged care service provider (our client), and an IT software application vendor. I found Plutonic Zoo to be instrumental in resolving our client's dispute by their prompt, detailed and impartial assessment of the matters in contention. I also appreciated their proactive approach and regular follow ups of the parties."

Partner, Hicksons Lawyers


"Plutonic Zoo played an integral role in the success of our vendor selection process. Their industry knowledge and ability to understand our business requirements was excellent. The consulting team provided extensive knowledge and experience that assisted ASX both in the development of a comprehensive expression of interest and in the evaluation of vendor responses. Plutonic Zoo's methodology, objectivity and professionalism allowed ASX to make the right decision quickly and unanimously."

Manager Internet Projects, Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)


"APRA engaged Plutonic Zoo to guide us with the independent management of an upcoming outsourcing arrangement and associated tender process. The services provided by Plutonic Zoo were excellent. They had a professional team and continuously worked in the interests of APRA, rather than attempting to extend the engagement. We look forward to working with Plutonic Zoo again."

CIO, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)


"Plutonic Zoo developed an Enterprise Content Management strategy for IAG. They provided detailed Independent industry and technology knowledge and very professional Business Analysis skills. Plutonic Zoo were very practical in their approach and were able to operate with limited briefing information. They achieved a great result within a short time frame."

eBusiness Development Manager, Insurance Australia Group (IAG)


"We engaged Plutonic Zoo to evaluate our current business and systems, analyse our web technology options (in terms of web-enabling our legacy core business application) and provide a vendor independent recommendation as to which web architecture would be the best fit for us. The quality and comprehensiveness of the analysis performed and of the document delivered was excellent. We feel we obtained very good value in getting independent advice from senior people with considerable knowledge and experience across a range of industries, products and technologies. Plutonic Zoo were able to work off very little information and be productive very quickly (probably aided by their ability to be direct and ask the hard questions!!).

Their experience with our current technologies and with web-enablement projects meant that they could add value almost immediately and were able to recommend solutions that were not only consistent with current IT trends but also practical to implement (and having implementation options, depending on our delivery strategy). The final presentation of the recommended architectures to our executive was of a very high standard and although fully adept in the technical arena, they were able to address all the associated business issues and speak to any level of management."

Manager Major IT Projects & Manager Projects, QBE

"Plutonic Zoo worked with Harvey World Travel on a 12 month project providing analysis, and Microsoft .Net development expertise to develop an important application for us. Working with Plutonic Zoo was excellent. The quality of work was very high and we were very pleased with the results."

E-Commerce Manager, Harvey World Travel

"Plutonic Zoo worked with our team to analyse our Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) requirements and suggest a solution architecture for implementation. Their project approach was a ripper. Plutonic Zoo's independence allowed them to take an holistic approach and suggest solution components that addressed our requirements across all dimensions, well integrated into one solution."

Franchise Development Manager, Harvey World Travel


"Plutonic Zoo helped us with JAVA development projects to manage smartcard production, adding specialist technical skills we did not have in-house . It was easy to deal with them and their help allowed us to reach our goals. We are very pleased with the level of professionalism shown by Plutonic Zoo."

Project Manager Giesecke & Devrient


"Plutonic Zoo provided project management services for the development of version 3 of our service delivery management software application TeamFrame. We thank Plutonic Zoo for finding the right expertise at the right time. We appreciate Plutonic Zoo's teamwork through the managed expertise model whereby people working in the background support the people working onsite. This made sure everything ran on rails."

Managing Director, Crux Cybernetics


"Plutonic Zoo helped Southcorp Wines with product selection for a Content Management System for our Intranet as well as Internet sites. They demonstrated broad knowledge across a wide range of products. This combined with their impartiality and objectivity, and understanding of our business requirements helped us through a quick and focused product selection process resulting in a confident unanimous decision across users, business and IT representatives."

Project Manager, Southcorp Wines


"Plutonic Zoo provided technical support services for Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore). The main task undertaken was the collection of auditing information from PCs on the Campus to determine requirements for upgrades or configuration changes. Plutonic Zoo carried out the work and documented the work diligently and accurately."

ICT Manager, Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)


"Plutonic Zoo has provided interactive training to Ecowise Environmental on the use of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The majority of our team started off being blank about SOA. The training has given our team a clear perspective on the suitability of SOA for our development practices and allowed all our team members to become vocal about it, now critically analysing all SOA material they can get and how it applies to our real world scenario. Plutonic Zoo's team approach between their facilitators provided both the business side and the technical side of our organisation with enthusiasm to pursue our corporate wide SOA adoption. Their ability to connect high level abstract material and technological detail was well appreciated by our diverse team."

Senior Solutions Architect, Ecowise Environmental


"Plutonic Zoo managed the process of selecting a new Financial Management System for The Whiddon Group, comprising accounting, logistics and client billing. Plutonic Zoo interviewed the individual members of our team and combined the disparate requirements into a consolidated Request for Proposal (RFP).

Plutonic Zoo impartially selected a shortlist of vendors as RFP recipients and guided the evaluation process and the vendor negotiations. As a result a cohesive unanimous decision on the appropriate supplier could be reached.

During implementation Plutonic Zoo continued to support our team through very professional project management, change management, and system analysis services.

Plutonic Zoo's proficiency, work ethic, energy, and focus on the end goal have to be admired. We are in no doubt that Plutonic Zoo have been essential in delivering an extremely high-quality financial management system for The Whiddon Group."

Deputy CEO, The Whiddon Group


"Plutonic Zoo worked with us to resolve our Content Management issues. The solution architecture they suggested was a lay down misere. Subsequently they provided professional independent project management during the implementation project working with our internal team and the selected vendor."

eBusiness Project Manager, Tourism New South Wales


"Plutonic Zoo hit the nail on the head with their Requirements Analysis and vendor selection guidance. We had issued an open tender and were flooded with over 60 vendor responses. Plutonic Zoo provided considerable business, project and technology insights to first of all help us define a shortlist of vendors to have more detailed discussions with, and then also to make a unanimous final decision. Plutonic Zoo's objectivity and holistic approach were key qualities that contributed to the successful outcome."

Team Leader Operations, Electronic Business Services, Blacktown City Council


"Plutonic Zoo has performed a Web Presence Effectiveness Review for Mortgage Choice and has started implementing their recommendations including Service Monitoring, website visitor Tracking, website Search Engine Optimisation, and Content Management implementation. The improvements designed and implemented by Plutonic Zoo allow us to align our web presence much better to our business processes and use the latest technologies to web enable these processes optimally. The number of business leads via the Internet has already increased dramatically. Plutonic Zoo is a true business partner in realising our company growth targets"

CIO, MortgageChoice


"Plutonic Zoo has provided IT Support Services for EMI Music, primarily deskside application and hardware support and server administration services. Plutonic Zoo people were easy to deal with, polite, prompt and capable. We thank Plutonic Zoo for the time, effort and attention received."

IT Manager, EMI Music