Services: Coaching

Coaching Services

Plutonic Zoo coaching services are targeted towards business groups or individuals who want access to an expert to develop new insights, skills, knowledge, behaviours, or competencies for better performance and success in their venture or job.


The client sets the goals for required improvements, and thereby the scope for the coaching sessions.

Plutonic Zoo will offer interactive workshops (for teams) or coaching sessions (for individuals) that address the scope as set by the client, targeting:

Knowledge transfer

Skill development

Behavioural change

The method used for workshops or sessions typically includes a mixture of various forms of learning including:

Presentation of insights into simple, easy to remember models

Facilitated discussion

Short videos


Practical role plays to practice particular situations and scenarios

The client may request Plutonic Zoo to develop and offer documentation as reference materials for the client.


In an initial qualification meeting the client and Plutonic Zoo discuss the client's need, and assess if and how a suitable coaching program can be designed. We set mutual expectations in relation to focus, approach, and commercials for the coaching relationship.

The Plutonic Zoo coach meets with the client for a pre-defined number of workshops or coaching sessions. More sessions can be arranged when appropriate. At the beginning of each session a goal for the session is formulated.

In between sessions the client has unlimited access by phone and email to her/his coach.


Examples of a possible coaching scope:

Developing a strategic plan

Planning a project

Writing a tender or selecting a vendor (self-coaching eGuide available)

Responding to a tender (self-coaching eGuide available)

Negotiating an agreement (self-coaching eGuide available)

Writing a contract

Managing a project

Managing change

Managing a conflict

Workshop feedback from participants

The facilitator was very passionate about the subject. The workshop had a good mixture of talking, discussions, slides, exercises, and videos.
    Department Manager

The workshop was an informative session. I liked that the people were engaged, the interaction and easy-going nature of the session.
    Relationship Manager

Plutonic Zoo facilitated in a logical and interesting way. I liked the context setting and how they kept us in the learning zone.
    Project Manager

Very well facilitated, Plutonic Zoo used the experience around the room well.
    Head of department

Well targeted workshop - a lot of practical leads to take away. Plutonic Zoo seemed to have good experience in the topic.
    Program Manager

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