Lunch Seminar

   Professional Change Management

Venue: Sydney, NSW

About this event

When you execute an IT related project, you can expect a temporary performance drop when your organisation starts using the new solution. This dip in productivity occurs as you change an existing process, or introduce a new one.

Experienced IT project professionals know that this performance drop will happen. The question is how we minimise this disruption to the business, both in duration and the magnitude of the drop. This is absolutely critical to maximising project success and realising the intended benefits.

Change Management is a range of disciplines used to reduce the performance drop by tackling the people and organisation issues surrounding the implementation. Change Management prepares the business to run and operate change in the business-as-usual environment and obtain the performance improvements from the IT project.

From the business users' perspective, Change Management is about involvement, readiness, and sustainability that lead to real business improvement. Business stakeholders want a project framework that they can use, in partnership with the IT side of the project.

   Session content

In this session, we will address four key levers that are used in Professional Change Management:

Stakeholder Engagement - starting with leadership alignment and continuing on with building foundations with key project champions

Communications - developing a clear, consistent message that hits the right people at the right time throughout the project life-cycle

Training - depending on the type of implementation, this can be an onerous task as some participants will have to learn not only a new application, but also new business processes

Transitional Support - from day one, business users want to have confidence in the new environment and support to work during the first few critical weeks

We will discuss some pitfalls in projects and how some basic change management interventions can lead to a better outcome for your project.

   Guest Speaker

As a guest speaker, Douglas Wolfson will provide insights and practical advice based on experience of a number of large corporate projects.


12:30 Arrival and buffet lunch

12:45 Welcome and introductions

12:50 Plutonic Zoo address - 'Maximising Project Success'

01:00 Guest speaker keynote - Douglas Wolfson 'The 4 Levers of Managing Change'

01:30 Roundtable Discussion

 2:00 Closure

   Who should attend

This seminar will be of benefit to people who are stakeholders in IT projects.

   About Plutonic Zoo

Plutonic Zoo was formed in 2001 to provide practical and impartial technical, commercial, project management, and interpersonal communication expertise to complement our clients' internal capability. We ensure IT related client projects are planned and implemented professionally, or we recover projects that have become difficult. Our sole focus is to maximise the client's project success in business terms.

Plutonic Zoo operates with an award-winning, unique and flexible resourcing model that ensures that our services align with clients' business goals and organisational culture, using the right, self-motivated experts combined with a broad business-oriented management perspective.

Plutonic Zoo has an international client base that includes Businesses across industries, Government Agencies and Community Organisations.


This seminar has been held and the proceedings from it are published in the "Four Levers of Managing Change" page.