Services: Mentoring

Mentoring Services

Plutonic Zoo mentoring services are targeted towards business individuals who want access to an expert to work through challenges as they appear in relation to their success. All interactions between mentor and client remain confidential.


We focus on alignment of the client's personal and professional goals, her/his approach, and other stakeholders involved on 3 levels:

Why - purpose, goals for client personally, and for client's venture/job

How - values, approaches, differentiators

What - selected elements of the client's situation.

The client may define issues s/he needs help with that are perceived as affecting her/his success.

The mentor will:

offer feedback to client input;

ask questions to probe, clarify, and address relative priority of perceived issues or voids, consequences, and risks;

explore options for approaches going forward;

be available for role plays to prepare for particular situations and scenarios.

Research, decisions and deliverables are in principle the client's responsibility. The client may ask Plutonic Zoo to assist in a consulting capacity.


In an initial qualification meeting both the client and Plutonic Zoo assess whether a good match can be made. We set mutual expectations in relation to focus, approach, and commercials for the mentoring relationship.

The Plutonic Zoo mentor meets with the client at least monthly for 1-1.5 hours. More frequent meetings can be arranged when appropriate. At the beginning of each meeting a goal for the meeting is formulated.

In between meetings the client has unlimited access by phone and email to her/his mentor.


Examples of a possible mentoring scope:

Clarity in relation to a venture/job

Personal and professional success

Balancing responsibilities in life

Self-perception and feedback

Adapting to changing circumstances


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