Negotiation Workshops

Negotiations and conflict handling

In our 25 years hands-on experience in business negotiations we have recognised core negotiation principles. Negotiating has an art as well as a science component. Two parties often have different backgrounds and think in different paradigms. When you try to define common ground and resolve differences it requires insights into yourself, your party, and the other party. Effective insights allow you to be creative in order to find alignment. This creates an environment within which you can formulate agreements that have maximum practical value, and establish business relationships that are sustainable.

We have several workshop formats on offer:

Team workshop that focuses on generic negotiation principles for broad application

Team workshop that addresses particular aspects of a tricky situation to be resolved. We customise the workshop to focus on your specific situation, circumstances, challenges, and needs - and prepare you for that upcoming negotiation

Core negotiation workshop learnings

Answer that challenging question you asked at the start

Understand the science part of negotiations

Know yourself and the other party

Know how to set your own negotiation strategy

Recognise the negotiation process and its phases

Be confident to practice the art of negotiations in your daily life

Stay in control of the process and your emotions

Apply different negotiation styles effectively

Be more aware and notice more to keep learning

Workshop learning methods

The method used for workshops typically includes a mixture of various forms of learning including:

Presentation of insights into simple, easy to remember models

Facilitated group discussion

Short videos


Practical role plays to practice particular situations and scenarios

If you are interested in discussing how you or your organisation can benefit please contact us. We will be keen to discuss your situation and goals with you, to jointly decide if and how we can best help.

Negotiation eGuide

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