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Plutonic Zoo is encapsulating insights used in some of its most popular services in informative 'How to...' eGuides. These eGuides contain insights and practical tips derived from over 25 years of practical hands-on experience as buyer and seller of services, and impartial consulting to both buyers and sellers.

The purpose of these information eGuides is to make Plutonic Zoo expertise and experience available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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  How To Write A Professional Tender Response
     ...saving time and stress, winning a client

        Cost: $49         

  Need to write a tender response urgently?

   Want to respond to a tender but don't have time to write?

   Overwhelmed by a tender you want to respond to?

   Received a tender but don't know where to start?

   Wish you had access to impartial professional advice?


  How To Professionally Issue A Tender
     And Manage The Vendor Selection Process
     ...saving time, money, and stress

        Cost: $49         

   Need to select a vendor quickly?

   Confused by vendors' offerings?

   Not sure how to issue a tender?

   Need to streamline your vendor selection process?

   No time to manage your own tender?

   Received way too many vendor responses?

   Need impartial professional advice to manage your tender process?

  How To Negotiate Effectively Towards
     A Practical Agreement And
     A Sustainable Business Relationship
     ....saving time, money, and stress

        Cost: $49         

   Looking to close a deal?

   Wish the price could be aligned with value?

   Feeling stuck with a business partner?

   Is your conflict costing you $$$?

   Need to bring difficult people into line?

   Want to negotiate with confidence?


   Do you need to resolve a dispute?

   Do you want to prevent the next dispute?

   Do you want to be actively involved in doing so?

   Do you want to be an inspiration to others?

   Do you want to work passionately?

  How To Effectively Implement
     Enterprise Software Into Your Business
     ...saving time and stress, making it happen

   Information available on application

  How to Develop A Business Case That Is      
     Approved And Delivers Measureable Benefits
     ...saving time and stress, getting over the line

   Information available on application