Professional Services

Our Professional Services - Why

For the last 12 years we have experienced that the success of business projects and business relationships is dependent on key common principles.

These principles will ensure that business strategy, stakeholders, and technology applications are aligned. We would love to work with you to make that happen for your project.

The project success principles underpinning our professional services are:

Our Professional Services - What

Plutonic Zoo provides project-oriented independent professional services and information eGuides. Our services professionally address one or more of the following 4 goals:

    DISCOVER if and how technology can help your business strategy

    FOCUS your technology applications on your business drivers

    CONNECT your stakeholders to unify their contributions

    ACCOMPLISH business benefits with your project outcomes

In addition we provide coaching and mentoring services for business teams and/or individuals.

Our professional services span the entire lifecycle of business activity, from strategy development and planning a new initiative to recovering a difficult project that has gone off the rails or smooth transition of a project outcome into business-as-usual.

Our Professional Services - HOW

We approach your situation holistically. We do whatever it takes to define a successful outcome with you and then accomplish it. We address any of the following aspects of your situation that requires professional assistance:

    Strategic fit

    Practical commercials

    Efficient project management

    Appropriate technology

    Effective interpersonal communication

Leverage what you have

We appreciate the investment you have already made in people, processes, systems and infrastructure. We will leverage any of your assets that are valuable for your new ideas.

Diversified knowledge and experience

We deliver with a wide diversity of knowledge, experience and relationships in our Zoo of professionals. Our delivery model has proven to avoid pitfalls and maximise your business benefits.


Plutonic Zoo is independent. We do not have any vested interest in the decisions you make. We have no products, alliance partners, or preferred professionals. We can therefore focus exclusively on your needs and what will best satisfy them.

Our business model has been created to ensure objectivity; we guard it closely.

We take into account the full complexity of your situation today, and any longer term goals you have. We feed back to you expert perspectives on potential pitfalls and possible longer term consequences of your direction. This will allow you to make fully-informed decisions.